We are a proudly Ecuadorian company dedicated to the International Trade of commodities, representations, imports and exports from and to all markets in the world, formed by young professionals with talent and attitude, with a deep sense of the social environment and extreme care of nature, our main objective of our activity.
We create solid alliances with our suppliers and producers supporting the family, social and productive development, improving the quality of life of our people in the field of our business.


Building and preserving bonds of union between producers and consumers worldwide, carrying out fair trade practices and human development, guaranteeing stability and good living for our employees, collaborators and suppliers.


Maintaining ourselves fresh and transformed, reaching the highest accreditations and certifications worldwide. Work exclusively with producers who promote the fair treatment and environmental conservation, designing innovative techniques and products that generate changes for development.


In Cimexport we work every day to offer you an excellent commercial experience. Our work culture is framed in ethics, integrity and full commitment to our business partners. We are proud to work with responsibility and transparency, effectively and efficiently fulfilling each objective.


We are committed to our business partners and allies to maintain High Security and Control Standards in all of our operations, relying on our Control and Security Management System we minimize risks, seeking a continuous improvement of our Operative Processes, implementing new technologies and strengthening the competences of our team.
In 2015 we certified our company with the BASC Certification (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) and we have been recertified for the 3rd year in a row, making our operations more reliable and controlled.