Tropic Fruits

In the year 2005 Cimexport initiated the Fruit Exports Operations, attending mainly the market of the United States and consolidates itself as the #1 of Pineapple exporter to the Miami market.

In 2009, after a long experience in Pineapples, Cimexport decided to include in its offer the Fresh “Barraganete” Plantains, Miami kept as its main market but later it began to have a presence in the New York market as well.

In year 2014 Tropic Fruits begins the export of Fresh Plantains to Spain having a great acceptance in the market, being in short time a reference of great quality and service, then it was decided in that same year to create the line of Tropical Products, such as White Malanga, Lila Malanga, Eddoes, Ginger and others.

By the end of 2018, Tropic Fruits starts its Diversified Products project, offering Healthy Snacks derived from Tropical Products, which will be offered to Tropic’s main markets from May 2019.

Thanks to the excellent team work and to the demand of some of its clients, Tropic Fruits expands, and in 2019 begins its Export Operations from Colombia, thanks to the country’s amazing biodiversity, Tropic Fruits manages to include in its exportable offer the Fresh “Artón” Plantain, Tahiti Limes, Hass Avocado, Cranberries, Pineapples, Pitahayas and many more.

With a first-class human resource, innovating constantly in its Operations and Quality, Tropic Fruits guarantees its sustainable growth for the future in the most demanding markets in the world.

División Ingeniería


In 2012, Cimexport received representation for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru from the Italian company specialized in Seismic Engineering and Structures Protection, Somma SRL. Company dedicated for more than 50 years to the Design and Production of Structural Bearings, Expansion Joints and Seismic Isolation devices for: Bridges, Viaducts and Buildings.
Somma has a long experience in the Infrastructure Industry and is now a leader in its field in Italy and in the world.
In 2017 Cimexport receives the complete Representation and Distribution throughout Latin America. With the Cimexport – Somma alliance, it is possible to guarantee the supply of High Quality Products for the most demanding Engineering Developments in the region.

División Industrial


In 1995 Cimexport initiates the representation of Rodal Chile, providing solutions for Paper, Graphic and Textile Industries. Focused on the manufacture, maintenance and advice of its: Rubber, Polyurethane and the Maestranza of rollers. In this way it is possible to supply the demand for excellent quality of products and services for these industries. With German licenses such as MITEX for the rubber mixture, Rodal is positioned as a regional leader in rubber rolls and moldings, offering extensive guarantees and a first-class after sales service.